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Tired - Schiller; Jael

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Ca sĩ: Schiller; Jael
Sáng tác: Christopher Von Deylen
Album: Sehnsucht (Super Deluxe Edition) CD2 Listen Album
Sản xuất: Island (2008)

1. I just kept breathing
Hidin' my tears
I waited for you
All the years
And when you're lonely so
You shouldn't wait too long
Hold me in your arms
And never let me go.

I'm wholly tryin' to defeat my fears
Could it be real that you feel the same as me
And when you're lonely so
You shouldn't wait too long
Hold me in your arms
And never let me go.

And I'm tired of pretending
I'm tired of fighting on my own
I'm tired of pretending
I'm tired of living in this house.

All alone you're the coast when I'm the water
You're the one, you're the other
Side of my universe
And i'll catch you when you fall.

2. I'm always dreaming
But I couldn't make the step
I know I should tell you
The time has come.
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And I feel wholly
Once you're the one
I feel this is my chance.


Like a moonstar you're shining bright
In the darkest night, in the candle light
Hello, hello, can I sit right next to you.

Hey look I'm shaking touch my lips
Tender with your fingertips
Hello, hello, you don't know me
But I know you, at least I think I do.


Tired - Schiller; Jael
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