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Holy Grail - Jay-Z; Justin Timberlake

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Holy Grail
Ca sĩ: Jay-Z; Justin Timberlake
Sáng tác: Justin Timberlake; Shawn Carter; Terius Nash; Timothy Mosley
Album: Magna Carta... Holy Grail Listen Album
Sản xuất: Roc-A-Fella; Roc Nation; Universal (2013)

[Verse 1: Justin Timberlake]
You take the clothes off my back
And I let you
You steal the food right out of my mouth
And I watch you eat it
I still don't know why
Why our love is so much
You curse my name
In spite to put me to shame
Air all my laundry in the streets
Dirty or clean
Give it up for fame
But I still don't know why
Why I love it so much

And Baby
It's amazing I'm in this maze with you
I just can't crack the code
One day you screaming you love me loud
The next day you're so cold
One day you here, one day you there, one day you care
You're so unfair sipping from the cup
Till it runneth over, Holy Grail.

[Verse 2: Jay-Z]
Blue told me to remind you niggas
Fuck that shit y'all talk about
I'm the nigga, caught up in all these lights and cameras
But look what that shit did to Hammer.

ah, goddamn, it I like it
The bright lights is enticing
But look what it did to Tyson
All that money in one night
30 mill for one fight
But soon as all the money blows
All the pigeons take flight
Fuck the fame, keep cheating on me
What I do, I took her back, fool me twice
That's my bad, I can't even blame her for that
Enough to make me to wanna murder
Momma please just get my bail
I know nobody to blame
Kurt Cobain, I did it to myself.

[Brigde: Justin Timberlake]
And we all just entertainers (x2)
And we're stupid, and contagious.

[Hook: Justin Timberlake]

[Verse 3: Jay-Z]
Now I got tattoos on my body
Psycho bitches in my lobby
I got haters in the paper
Photo shoots with paparazzi
Can't even take my daughter for a walk
See them by the corner store
I feel like I'm cornered off
Enough is enough
Holy Grail lyrics on
I'm calling this off
Who the fuck I'm kidding though?
I'm getting high
Sitting low
Sliding by
In that big body
Curtains all in my window
This fame hurt
But this chain works
I think back
You asked the same person
If this is all you had to deal with
nigga deal with
It, this… ain't work
This light work
Camera snapping, my eyes hurt
niggas dying back where I was birthed.

fuck your iris and IRS
Get the hell up off of your high horse
You got the shit that die for
Dry yours
Why you mad
Take the good with the bad
Don't throw that baby out with the bath water
You're still alive
Still that nigga
You survived
You still getting bigger nigga
Living the life
Vanilla wafers
In a villa
Illest nigga alive
Michael Jackson thriller.

[Hook: Justin Timberlake]

Don't know why
Love you so much.

Holy Grail - Jay-Z; Justin Timberlake
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